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Nordic Innovation House, April

Our April event in a collaboration with Nordic Innovation House was the best in terms of how all the speakers managed to finish their pitches on time - first time in the history of PitchLab!

Well done!

The full video of the interview with Sami Jaaskelainen, Community Director of Nordic Innovation House in Singapore. Nordic Innovation house is a community platform accelerating high-quality Nordic startups and scaleups in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It is supported by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Innovation House has a presence in Silicon Valley, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The most important take away is that if you know of a startup incorporated in Singapore and one of the co-founders is from the Nordic countries, you are eligible to join NIH and get their full support :)

NIH is constantly enlarging their partnerships globally and is launching a program for the Corporations this year.

Please enjoy the video of the pitches from our brave participants:

Robin http://robin.ai/ is a Singaporean Travel Chatbot that enables its travelers to ask for any kind of travel services simply by sending a message in Facebook Messenger or in our app. Robin is live in Singapore (m.me/travelrobin) and it helps travelers to Get Around, See & Do, Connectivity, Essential and Eat & Drink. No need to jump from app to app – get everything done one place. We help you get what you need, when you need it, during your travels. It’s like asking a local. Paul Borde (CEO & Founder). Paul has been working within the start-up scene the two last years with the conversational interface in Paris and in Singapore. Previous to Robin, Paul worked with business development and marketing for Groupe PSA (Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, DS). In Groupe PSA, he had a role as Connected Services Manager developing a range of connected services and applications for the car manufacturer. He is very passionate about a conversational interface and predicts that voice technology will be important in the near future.   

EedenBull https://www.eedenbull.com/ provides new and unique payment and banking programmes to fulfill identified needs in the market, leveraged on global experience in payments and banking. With the opportunities emerging through new technologies and new regulation, EedenBull creates programmes, cards, payment solutions, new operating models – and new digital tools to manage the services. We deliver these banking-as-a-service (BaaS) products through our partner banks, enabling them to increase customer satisfaction and create lasting competitive advantages. Erik Ingvoldstad (Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer). Erik is a customer experience driven innovator, with a focus on solving real-world problems in the FinTech world. His background is from creative communication and digital transformation, and he has a deep love for technology as a catalyst for new ideas. Erik co-founded EedenBull in 2018 and leads their design and development operations from Singapore.

RenGlobe Tech Solutions (RGTS) https://www.renglobe.tech/ is using the latest technologies such as AI and IoT to provide innovative ways to save energy without sacrificing comfort. RGTS has developed a state-of-the-art Climate Control Unit (CCU). CCU is primarily a cloud-based temperature management system that provides energy savings of up to 50%. Created by Swedish engineers with experience in designing fail-safe systems for the likes of Ericsson, CCU integrates with legacy stand-alone air-conditioning units. Aleksi Heinonen (Co-Founder) since 2018 and is working on scaling of the business. He started his first business at the age of 18 in house 3D modeling, building, marketing- and permit pictures. Has a strong leadership education from the Naval Academy in Finland. An entrepreneur with extensive experience in sales and business development. He also worked as a consultant for several years for tech companies internationally on the new digital niche.

PlugIT https://www.plugit.fi/ is a provider of electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions consisting of hardware, software and services. Our PlugIt Pharus Cloud and APP is innovative, secure and simple to use for charging point operators of all sizes. Using open standards we have integrated into all the major charger hardware suppliers creating a competitive marketplace for operators. Charging as a Service(CaaS) is our motto delivering tailor-made solutions for energy, fleet management, property, maritime and insurance sectors to name a few. Tadeusz Jankowski (PlugIt Head of APAC) Ted worked in the supply chain solutions sector for Nokia in the UK, China and Singapore. In 2012 he started his tech entrepreneur career, founding and working in several start-up companies ranging from sports prediction and arbitrage (wallofsport.com), an online marketplace for home services (helpguru.sg), nutrition simplified (foodforreal.net) and, today, electric vehicle charging as a service.

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