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INSEAD Alumni Entrepreneurship Club, launched INSEAD Angels in cooperation with PitchLab

On April 23rd, INSEAD Alumni Entrepreneurship Club of Singapore has launched the 1st event of a series called "INSEAD Angels" initiated by Monisha Varadan and selected the startups to pitch at the launch!

Three fantastic judges have joined us at 1880 to give feedback to the participants:

  • Hellmut Schütte is more famously known for leading INSEAD as Dean but is also involved as a business angel in a number of start-ups and in INSEAD Alum Ventures

  • Neil Bearden, the well-known professor of decision sciences, is also known for his shrewd choice of investments in the startup world

  • Deepak Shahdadpuri - founder and Managing Director of DSG Consumer Partners, advisor to the INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative and manages the INSEAD Alum Ventures Fund

The pitches were fine-tuned with the joint efforts of INSEAD Alumni Entrepreneurship Club - Balazs Fogoly, Smriti Gupta Mathur and PitchLab - Juliet Kasko and Rodrigo Paula.

Singapore is quite a small market, so want to see if you can guess the company names first based on the below description:

  1. A force behind delicious, high quality gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free food

  2. An insect protein based start-up fresh from campus

  3. A company that is looking to go beyond crypto and blockchain to fix a basic issue by digitizing securities

  4. A founder that is aiming to modernize the legal industry

  5. A company that is attempting a modern approach to construction labour sourcing

  6. A company that is building a future for youth in emerging markets

However, we won't keep you waiting for too long and here are the names :)

  1. OhMyGoodness


  3. Mithqal

  4. LexKnights

  5. Sama

  6. Halo Life

The atmosphere and the venue were excellent, and we have received a great deal of interest for more events. Follow us and organisers page on Eventbrite not to miss it!